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Our look resembles our music in the way that we love to mix old with the new, and then add a twist. We have fun with our style and, as with our music; we are influenced by many different eras in fashion. We like to combine cute new pieces with classic vintage buys and then bring a little of our own to it by accessorising with handmade bits and bobs. Most of all we love a bargain! We enjoy blogging about and instagraming any exciting finds, old favourites or new creations as we come across them.

Our lifestyle goes hand in hand with where we reside. We are blessed to live by the sea and not far from the stunning greenery of the Dorset countryside. We are inspired by the nature that surrounds us. We also love good food, good company and good times.

Check out our Instagram account to keep track of the beautiful adventures we have and the moments and occasions that inspire us.

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