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The Hard Truth…

 The Hard Truth

According to the British Red Cross, the number of people forced to flee violence and conflict today is the highest since World War Two. Many people are dying on dangerous journeys to Europe; over 3000 already this year. Those who do reach the shore can often experience immense suffering when they arrive. They are living in squalid conditions with no food, water, money or healthcare and they are often alone after losing their families along the way.

You have to wonder why these people leave their homes, why they put themselves through such a terrible journey and the very real risk of death.

The answer? …Hope.

The hope of a better life and a brighter future for their family. Wouldn’t you do the same for your nearest and dearest?

The subject of asylum seekers and refugees can be a touchy one and often a confusing one. Fear-mongering rhetoric used by the government and press, the use of words such as ‘swarm’ and ‘infestation’ and ‘pests’ instantly dehumanises a group of human people who are just like US.

We live where we do in the world by the fortune of birth alone. But we are all people. All of US are the same.


Did you know that:

  • 21.3 million refugees and asylum seekers have been forced to leave their home countries but only 3000 have actually reached Calais.
  • The UK’s borders are not bursting, refugees and asylum seekers make up just 0.24% of the population.
  • The UK ranks 16th in the 28 EU countries for the number of Asylum seekers per head.

Winter is coming & so is Christmas; a time when many of us will be putting on our heating, buying gifts & holding our families extra tight.

We feel compelled to help, to do something to raise awareness and money.

So welcome to our ‘Til There Was Us campaign.


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