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‘Til There Was Us

Refugee: A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. 

We, like many of you, were absolutely shocked and appalled by the many devastating refugee stories and images that  we saw through the media over the summer. Though recently not as prominent in the press, the situation has not changed. In fact it continues to worsen by the day.

Our aim?

To raise awareness & funds for the Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal run by the British Red Cross.


We have recruited a selection of our super talented musician friends to join together and help US out.  Over the next eight weeks (17th October – 5th December) we will be collaborating, recording & releasing a weekly music video for your viewing pleasure.

If you enjoy our videos, then you can click on this LINK and donate to The British Red Cross European Refugee Appeal. However big or small, your donation will make a real difference!


This money goes directly to the people who need it. The Red Cross are providing food, water and healthcare to those without. As real family-oriented girls we love that they are also putting time & effort into making sure seperated families are reunited. For more information & facts on this see our ‘The Hard Truth‘ page on this site.

There’s more?? Yes!

This eight week project will culminate in a big band bash at Ayya, Weymouth on Sunday 6th December. We we will be joined by the talented musicians we have been collaborating with to showcase the songs in a live setting & each band will perform a set to keep you folks entertained!

Artists confirmed so far include – Amy Mayes, Blazin’ Strings, Josh & Harry, Wilson, Dave, Owen & George, Hustle (acoustic) and of course ‘Til There Was Uke.

To keep up to date on our weekly video releases & further info on the ‘Til There Was Us Band Bash either like our Facebook page or subscribe to this blog

Thank you for your support xx



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