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Day 2 – Have a go…

“I’ve got a ukulele!” Is one of the things that people come up to me and say the most when when we’re gigging. It is usually followed by “I can’t play it though!” To which I reply, that’s a real shame because with a few basic tips- anyone can get a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction out of a playing a ukulele. Here are a few important things I tell my beginners….

  • Remember to tune your ukulele before practicing, you will get very little pleasure trying to strum a tune out of an untuned ukulele. The four open strings are: G, C, E, A. You can tune to a piano or find an online electronic tuner.
  • The first three most important chords to learn are C, F and G. You can learn hundreds of simple songs with these three chords alone. There are many great ukulele tuition books and websites out there, find one that suits you and follow the chord boxes and shapes to learn your chords.
  • Each finger on your hand has a number 1, 2, 3, 4. To help make the chord shapes easier to play, you need to make sure you put the correctly numbered finger on the right string. Again, any good instruction book will tell you how to do this.
  • Each song you learn will have it’s own rhythm and strumming pattern. It is advisable to keep it simple to start with so you can stay in time. Perhaps try doing one downward strum per beat?
  • If you are following a lyric and chord sheet, the chord to play is written above the words as a capital letter – you must remember to change chord shape when the letter changes!
  • Finally, have fun with it. No one ever learned the ukulele wearing a frown 🙂

Tomorrow’s advent surprise may contain a festive song chord sheet for you try out your C, F and G chords…




About tiltherewasuke

Take two music loving ladies. Brew a friendship for twelve years. Add a quirky instrument. Stir in an idea. Leave to stand for a couple of months. You should be left with a duo who call themselves 'Til There Was Uke. A Vocal/Ukulele duo featuring Lucy Broddle on Ukulele and Stacey Rae Hobday on Lead Vocals. With our blend of original arrangements, whistle solos, creatively inspired looks and attention to detail we hope to entertain our audience with a mixture of well know and long forgotten classic tunes that have been administered with the TTWUke treatment! That treatment takes many guises and ranges from an old school Greenday standard with a time signiature change twist to an Amy Winehouse number sprinkled with a latin feel.

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