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Another TOO Exciting Week!

We’re happy to say, it seems to be one exciting development after another for TTWU at the moment. After a few lovely gigs this week we have been approached for a whole load more!

We started with a most enjoyable afternoon busking at the Dorchester Curiosity Centre last Sunday, which was busy in spite of the rain. We soon found a corner to settle in, next to the rails of gorgeous vintage clothing and surrounded by antique furniture. . In between songs we had good chats with some fellow vintage-minded people, all of whom expressed an enjoyment of our playing and a fondness for the Banjolele. It was such a lovely atmosphere, we have been invited back to play again next month, hopefully outdoors and in the sunshine as originally intended. We were also delighted to have been booked for two weddings from this event and we are very much looking forward to them both. We love a good wedding, especially one with a vintage twist!

Our next gig was on Saturday. We played in the Chiswell Walled Gardens on Portland as part of the Cultural Olympiad, welcoming ambassador Michael Prior from the ‘Nowhere Island’ project. If you don’t know much about this it’s worth having a good read up here:

Inspired by the project we wrote a song for the event, which opened the day’s festivities, we then went on to play a short set. You can read a write up of the event on the Echo’s website here:

We had some great feedback from Michael and we have now been invited to join them in celebrating the official arrival of Nowhere Island to Weymouth on the 25th July. We’re honoured and excited to be involved and will keep you updated on the developments of this here.

In other Olympic news, we’re happy to announce that we have been accepted as one of the official Olympic Busking acts in Weymouth this summer! This means that we will be dotted about all over the place in specially designated spots in Weymouth to entertain and enjoy. Again we’ll keep you posted here on where and when this will be happening. We’re so looking forward to making the most of the fantastic sporting and cultural events that are coming to our home town this summer, it’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

As if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve just had our gig list for the V Fringe festival come through; it’s going to be epic. Oh and did we mention we’ve been booked for Hugh Fernley’s River Cottage Autumn Fair in Sept? (We can’t wait for the food…..) TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT!! I need a lie down.

L xx


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  1. WOWSER!
    I knew you girls were brilliant but this is so much. Very exciting, well done ladies.


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